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Dara Blaker Creative Consultant

Creative Services


Scripts-long and short form.  Comedy-sitcom, late-night monologue, sketch, desk pieces, joke baskets.  Drama.  Mystery.

Florida Beer Brewers

Stand Up Comedy (KittenCity.com)

400 Pounds of Marijuana

Penelope from Kitten City (Kittencity.com)


Classical.  Pop. Rock.  Modern. Instrumental.  Vocal.  Score. Transcribe.  Will compose to suit your need and your project.  Foley artist and sound effects creator. 

The Many Moods of Charlie

Original animation “No Ordinary Love”,

Original Composition “Spirits of the Storm”

I Know (Jazz/Pop Vocal)


The Business of Creative

Identify talent, solicit and negotiate licenses.  Music Supervision-choose and license the perfect music for your project.  Cultivate relationships.  Liaison.

Music Supervisor Reel

Voice Artist

Corporate/Narration, Character Voices, Lip Sync/ADR.  Translation Editor.

Video Narration:  Zir-MAX  Burbank Dental Labs

Character Reel

ADR Lip Sync-English Dub of Spanish Program. (I’m the prisoner). Warning:  Strong Language.  NSFW

Allie Brown from Kitten City (KittenCity.com).  Warning:  Strong Language.  NSFW


Help produce your project from conception to completion on time and budget.

Promotional Video for Halfling. 

Project Support and Management

Manage all aspects of your project and the people involved.

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